Sales | Project | Product Management

in Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Software


I am a technical manager and electrical engineer with a practical and business studies background. With a good dose of can-do attitude I get staff going with me. Things half-done bother me and I find it annoying when people do just more of the same when current processes obviously do not work. Bringing structure into unstructured organizations, devising processes that last, getting things done, creating new business, thinking of new ways to market interesting products and services - is what I do.


I have dedicated my whole working life to electronic/electrical engineering and software. Prior to my university education in Linz and Dublin I worked as an engineer and technician in automation and energy. This makes me a business practitioner that understands both commercial and technical aspects. I stumbled into my profession rather by accident, but I found out that I have a talent for connecting with people, finding opportunities and managing projects from idea to delivery, thus creating sustainable business for both company and customer.


More about me HERE an on LinkedIn.

Interests & Specializations

Project, Program & Product Management

  • waterfall, & agile project/portfolio/program management and tools (e.g. Jira, MS Project, others)
  • moderation, problem-solving & presentation techniques
  • technical & business requirements specifications

Sales & Business Development

  • sales and business development: process management, skills training & CRM tools (e.g. Hubspot, others)
  • business plans, grant applications, financial planning

Marketing & Communications

  • intercultural management & communication
  • German-English in professional, specialized contexts (business & technical), certified C2
  • web technologies & design

Industry Focus

  • Engineering (Electrical, Power, Electronics), E-Mobility, Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance