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General Management | Sales | Marketing | Business Development & Projects in Electrical Engineering & Electronic Industries


I am an experienced manager with a technical/practical and economics/business studies background. With a good dose of can-do attitude I get my staff going with me, even towards ambitious goals. Things half-done bother me and it annoys me when people do more of the same when current processes obviously do not work. I like creating new business, devising new processes and thinking of new ways to market interesting products and services.


I have dedicated my whole working life to building sustainable business in electronic and electrical engineering industries. Prior to my university education in Linz and Dublin I have worked as an engineer and technician in automation and energy. This makes me a business practitioner who - besides commercial principles - really understands technical products/services. With this background I sometimes see connections and create new ideas that are sometimes not obvious. I stumbled into this profession merely by accident after a couple of years in project/product management for vehicle charging infrastructure, but I found out that I have a talent for connecting with people, finding opportunities and creating sustainable business for both company and customer.