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Acticon Systems GmbH is based in Linz, Austria, one of the leading industrial powerhouse regions in the Austrian economy. Since mid-2018 ACTICON distributes and represents Condition Monitoring (CM) and Predictive Maintenance (PM) technologies in the German speaking regions Austria, Germany and Switzerland (DACH). The current portfolio, supplied by European and US American manufacturers, comprises CM and PM hardware and software product solutions for monitoring critical infrastructure such as transformers, generators, electric motors, and substations (including sensors for components such as medium voltage circuit breakers, batteries and feeder bays).

Very Good Marketing Company
Immo Promo

As a sales, marketing and project management consultant I work with various companies on product development, sales and real estate marketing projects and help young entrepreneurs get and stay on track regarding organization, operative business, and project management. From these activities emerged the VGMC (Very Good Marketing Company) and Immo Promo marketing brands which I have quiesced a little since the Condition Monitoring endeavors started.

Until May 2018 I worked with the Melecs group as Director of the Sales and Business Development department in the Business Division Industry in Lenzing, Austria (EWL). Until September 2016 I was responsible for the medium voltage and rail industry business unit in the "Schaltanlagenwerk Linz" (SWL).  Melecs is an internationally operating Electronics Manufacuring Service company.


Earlier career and educational stages from 1998 until 2014 at Keba AG (Electronics - Project/Product Management) and Siemens AG (Sales & Engineering). Learn more about me, my educational path, professional life/career and previous jobs on LinkedIn (English).